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Charloote's Miscellany

The ramblings of life

27 July 1989
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I am:
- One of Jehovah's Witnesses
- A musician (violin / viola / clarinet / bass clarinet when I can get my mitts on one)
- Pretty obsessive
- Truly blonde
- An almost-Trekkie (I can't afford the time to become a true Trekkie)
- A part-time Teaching Assistant seeking extra work to support myself (jobsearching - argh)
- A dabbling amateur [binocular] astronomer

- I have a tendency to ramble

- LJ is where I sort my head out, hence the majority of my posts are a mess.
- I go through curio-obsessions about people. Most recently Gareth Malone, Voces8, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jim Parsons ...
- I will happily find an interest in almost anything and nigh on exhaust Google results ...
- ... I'll then probably go on about it here!
- Being concise is really not my forte!

I have an alter ego, exploringsingup
a cappella, accuracy, animated films, asexuality, asperger's syndrome, auditory processing disorders, autism, autistic spectrum disorders, aven, bach, baroque music, bass clarinets, beethoven, ben willbond, benedict cumberbatch, big bass instruments, blackadder, borodin, brahms, bsl, cabin pressure, cambridge footlights, capd, celli, cellos, chamber music, choirs, clarinets, classical music, community music, composers, composing, concerti, correct plurals, correct spelling, corrective lenses, cors anglais, deafness, delibes, double-reeded instruments, dvorak, ears, education, eyes, flutes, gareth malone, glasses, greig, handel, hearing, horrible histories, house md, hugh laurie, hyperopia, jim howick, jim parsons, john finnemore, laurence rickard, lawry lewin, london underground, ludovico einaudi, mahler, mat baynton, medical conditions, mendelssohn, mental illnesses, michael mcintyre, mozart, music, music history, myopia, oad, oboes, obscure auditory dysfunction, obscure instruments, ocd, overtures, pedantry, pervasive developmental disorders, photography, pianos, precision, rail network maps, reading, reeded instruments, romantic music, rowan atkinson, schubert, schumann, science fiction, sherlock, sibelius, sing up, singing, sonate, spectacles, st:ds9, st:tng, st:voy, star trek, stephen fry, subtitles, symphonies, take the lead!, tap-dancing, tchaikovsky, the bible, the big bang theory, the swingle singers, timetables, tinnitus, tocs, train stations, trains, tube, tube map, underground, unusual instruments, violas, violins, vivaldi, voces8